Tire sizes for all Chrysler 200 models 2011-2014

This page was designed to help answer your questions about the tire sizes that fit different Chrysler 200 models models.

You will find detailed information such as tire and rim size, load index and speed rating for the tires.The dimensions of these tires apply for both front and rear axles. Bear in mind that these are the tires and rims combinations recommended by the manufacturer for the original and unmodified versions of the car. If you choose to any aftermarket equipment or special rims that are not found in the list it is recommended to be informed about how these modifications and new tire dimensions might impact the car’s performance and behavior under different meteorological conditions and at certain temperatures. The following list applies to all Chrysler 200 models produced from 2011 to 2013 , with the various rim dimensions installed from the factory.

2011 – 2014 models:

  • 17-Inch wheels – 225/55R17 for both front and rear axels.
  • 18-Inch wheels – 225/50R18 for both front and rear axels.

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